Heroes Services

Our goal is to provide opportunities for your company: new markets, new strategies, new partners, new brand or new way of running business. Here are our key services. Although we are always ready to develop tailor-made solutions for you.

  • Opportunities in other markets

    We believe that just like the “truth is out there”, the beneficial market can also be out there, you just have to explore it.

    We help companies, startups and investors to discover opportunities in other markets. We evaluate the territory with the best potential and provide comprehensive support – from finding local partners and building the right marketing strategy to operative follow up of your activities in the foreign market.

    Thanks to our strong network of partners we gained solid experience in the following territories: EU, Russia and CIS, Serbia, Turkey, Northern Africa, the Gulf countries, Brazil, Cuba, and some other countries.

  • Marketing services

    In today’s global reality and millions of offerings, we cannot underestimate the importance of well-thought-out marketing.

    It is that magic button that turns on the lights in the darkroom and your product or service becomes visible, comprehensible and desired.

    Marketing is the bridge that connects you to your customers. Especially in the new markets.

  • Turnaround services

    We can support companies with tailored solutions to each specific enterprise situation: during business change, financial underperformance, divestiture, ineffective team or product evolution dynamics.

    We assist the client through the different phases: from initial quick strategic plan aimed to reduce crisis and stabilize the situation, up to a long-term strategical development program.

    Our force is the long experience in assisting our clients, being directly and daily involved, during tactical activities aimed at implementing the chosen strategy.