About Heroes

Heroes is an international business consulting agency and network of experts

If you and your company

  • want to enter new markets
  • want to grow or transform your business
  • want to create a strong brand
  • face a challenging task
  • have to manage an extraordinary project or process
  • want to increase the purpose of your business

then Heroes are here to help you!

Why Heroes are different

  • we value results over words
  • we go straight to the point
  • we love challenging tasks
  • we think outside the box
  • we work with you, for your goal
  • we support projects that make the world better
  • we have strong experts’ network in various countries
  • we are passionate about what we do

Heroes are the special force of the consulting

We don’t believe much in “suit & tie” consulting that takes place in the offices and meeting rooms. We think that business development is an exciting adventure, sometimes hard, but always rewarding. And we are ready to take this journey with you.

The Heroes network

Ottavio Albino
Co-founder and Partner

General Manager in various SME’s, for long and short term. Vast experience in corporate restructuring plans and turnaround projects.

Marina Dobrinchuk
Co-founder and Partner

Expert in international and strategic marketing. More than 10 years of experience in international business consulting

Heroes is not only about us, it is more about you.
How can we help your company become a Hero?

How can we together discover your force?